Guaranteed Safety, Flexibility, and Effectiveness.

Intelli-Safe Controls are designed to maximize occupant safety, system flexibility, and treatment effectiveness.  This is the first system of its kind: a pioneering app-based (iOS and Android) control system that is integrated into each of our permanently-installed UVC fixtures.  Simple to install, budget-friendly without sacrificing capability, customized for your facility’s unique needs, and constantly up-to-date, Intelli-Safe is masterfully developed with trust and reliability in mind so you guarantee your occupants are safe and your facility is protected against dangerous pathogens.


Intelli-Safe Controls ensure that disinfection only occurs when treatment areas are unoccupied so occupants will never be exposed to UVC light.

Astronomic Clock

Astronomic Clock ensures fixtures are active only at designated times when treatment space is unoccupied (i.e. late at night).

Smart Sensors

In-fixture Smart Sensors detect occupants approaching the treatment area and automatically disengage operation of UVC fixtures while occupancy is detected.


Audible Activation

A non-invasive yet clearly audible message is emitted from fixtures while activated as an added layer of protection to notify occupants of system’s live status.

Manual Override

Strategically-placed Manual Override Switches provide an extra layer of safety redundancy by allowing users to instantly shut down the system.


Safety First

Fixtures are Programmed to Deactivate if any discrepancy is detected ensuring any system faults are remedied before continuation of operation.


Intelli-Safe provides users simple yet powerful controls to allow users to flexibly utilize their Pure UVC disinfection system.

App-Based Controls

App-Based Controls (iOS and Android) allow for easy alterations of schedule and fixture power by authorized users.

Pre-Loaded Customized Presets

User app is Preloaded with Customized Presets programmed to ensure comprehensive disinfection times against viruses, bacteria, and mold calculated based on Pure UVC’s engineered design.

Fixture Groupings

Fixture Groupings provide easy control of all fixtures in a single room, area, or wing based on facility needs.

Automatic Updates

Pure UVC is constantly developing New Features which are Automatically Loaded with app updates.

Rigorously Tested

All Updates are Rigorously Tested before deployment to ensure your facility is supported by up-to-date protocols and features.

Intelli Safe Phone App