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STEAM education is vital for student development in our technology-driven world. Practical, hands-on training with school facilities’ technology systems and becoming stewards of school spaces like theaters and TV studios help students develop problem-solving, critical-thinking, leadership, and communication skills. Participation in technology training programs also gives students an advantage in college applications and professional placements. 


PureTek Group provides hands-on learning opportunities for all its school-specific technology systems from theaters to TV studios, STEAM labs, and beyondSome highlights of our classes include:

Led by the Pros

Learn from industry professionals with top-tier experience in their field, from Broadway to network news. 

Flexible Learning

Our classes offer flexible multi-hour to multi-day trainings, conducted on-site or virtually to fit your schedule. 

Live Assistance

Get on-the-field education with live assistance from professionals, including preparation for major shows and events, professional guidance during live events, and part-time educators for situations where trained staff isn’t available. 



Professional Training Courses for Students 

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