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Ensure code compliance with our comprehensive safety inspections, protecting your students, staff, and community from potential hazards. Safety inspections include:

  • ETCP Certified Rigging and Curtain Fire-Safety Inspection – Fulfill OSHA and ANSI requirements for annual safety inspections of rigging and fire safety of curtains and drapes in theatrical settings including stages, auditoriums, black box theaters, TV studios, among others. Our inspections are conducted by ETCP certified professionals.

  • Free General Safety Inspection – Visual inspection of technology systems and infrastructure for any space including rigging, curtains, electrical, lighting, and A/V systems. Comes with a comprehensive report including general system health status and recommended maintenance.

Our technicians are certified in leading manufacturer systems, delivering expert repairs and proactive maintenance to increase the longevity of your educational technology infrastructure. Whether it’s addressing issues with existing technologies or providing meticulous maintenance for our own installations, we ensure seamless functionality across theaters, TV studios, eSports, athletics, STEAM, architectural, and more, empowering educational facilities with reliable, cutting-edge systems.

  • Technology Repairs – Our team of experts specializes in technology repairs to ensure your equipment is running smoothly.

  • Annual Maintenance- Regular maintenance of equipment ensures proper and safe operation, reduces risk of component failure, and keeps systems running effectively for the long  term.

PureTek Group offers a comprehensive range of rental technologies and live assistance services, empowering educational facilities to seamlessly integrate additional technologies into their existing systems. Whether it’s providing temporary infrastructure for special events or assisting with live performances from planning to on-site console operation, our trained technicians and network operators ensure smooth and memorable experiences for your educational community.

  • Technology Rentals – Lighting, A/V, control, and streaming equipment for production additions or as stand-alone systems such as graduations, sports tournaments, etc.

  • Live Performance Assistance – Professional support for productions or theatre rentals. Services include, but are not limited to, live console operation, show lighting plot creation, and live-streaming.

PureTek Group is a proud members of leading cooperative purchasing agencies nationwide including EdData, TIPS, KPN, and more. By leveraging this powerful network, we secure competitive pricing for public entities, allowing educational institutions to implement cost-effective technology solutions. From handling design and delivery to comprehensive project management, we ensure seamless execution while connecting your school’s business office with financing opportunities through cooperative purchasing agencies, enabling you to achieve your technology goals within budgetary constraints.

  • Cooperative Purchasing – We leverage our network to provide competitive pricing and streamlined procurement processes for technology equipment.

  • Financing – We offer flexible financing options to make upgrading your technology equipment more accessible.


Cooperative Agencies:

Keystone Purchasing Network            Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission              TIPS USA            Buy Board              Bergen County New Jersey               Educational Data Services Inc.



PureTek Group offers comprehensive Facility Rental Assistance, catering to a diverse range of potential renters, from local dance studios and athletic clubs to local government meetings and professional groups like touring lecturers. By upgrading your facilities and creating a secure yet user-friendly infrastructure, we enable seamless rentals for a variety of purposes. Additionally, our services extend beyond technical support, as we assist in creating marketing material, riders, budgeting, and other preparatory work, ensuring a successful and profitable rental experience for your educational institution.

PureTek Group maintains a nationwide network of highly skilled professional contractors who are expertly trained in the installation of our cutting-edge technology systems, ensuring compliance with all local and national laws for working in public institutions. By working directly with our trusted contractors, we provide seamless project management and deliver successful outcomes. Additionally, we support your due diligence process by offering multiple contractor recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results for your educational facility.

Unlock exciting opportunities for students, educators, and professionals alike through our comprehensive Training and Education services. Visit our Education Page to explore how we foster growth and empower individuals with cutting-edge technology solutions and innovative learning experiences.

  • System Training and Retraining- Our experienced trainers work with you to create a customized training program that fits your unique needs, ensuring that your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate your equipment efficiently and effectively.

  • Student Educational Opportunities – Hands-on  education for students led by industry professionals to provide show preparation, STEAM outcomes, vocational training, and college applicatioon builders.

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