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Below you’ll find answers to questions we’re frequently asked about UVC lighting and Pure UVC solutions.  Have a question not answered below or want to learn more?  Contact us to start a discussion.


Is this system safe?

Yes.  At Pure UVC, safety and efficacy are our top priorities.  Our fixtures are equipped with Intelli-Safe Controls which ensure system safety through smart sensors, Bluetooth controls for authorized users, protective safety redundancies, and more.  Click here to learn more about Intelli-Safe (Coming Soon).


does uvc light kill Coronavirus?

Yes.  As per the IES, UVC light has been proven through scientific research to disinfect SARS-CoV-2, the viral strain that causes Covid-19, “If the virus is directly illuminated by UV-C at the effective dose level.”  It is imperative that a properly designed system, like Pure UVC, be installed and operated for the proper duration to ensure 99.99% disinfection.


What about when Coronavirus ends? will this system still be important?

Pure UVC offers comprehensive daily disinfection against all viruses, bacteria, and mold including flu strains, the common cold, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and airborne mold spores that cause asthma attacks, ENT issues, migraines, and more.  This will protect those in your facility against future epidemics as well as improve the overall quality of life in your spaces.


How do you decide what fixtures to use?

While the end result may seem simple and nonintrusive, a great deal of engineering goes into fixture development and selection.  

Pure UVC fixtures have been custom engineered with special measures to increase efficacy, ensure safety, and remain future-ready.  Learn more about our products by clicking here.

In order to ensure a safe and effective UVC disinfection facility-wide solution, many factors must be considered including facility type, maximum length of time available for comprehensive disinfection, room layout, ceiling height and type, furniture layout, surface reflectances, air circulation, average temperature, and much more.  Fortunately, the experts at Pure UVC are highly trained and capable to provide top-tier engineering designs and layouts customized for your facility.


How do i know it's working?

Your security footage shows the fixtures glowing a beautiful cyan blue between the hours of 1am – 4am, but how do you know this is disinfecting your spaces?  Great question!

UVC light meters are provided in system sales and can be purchased individually (product info coming soon).  These devices can be left in rooms overnight with a UVC light output report automatically generated to the meter’s app (iOS or Android).  We’ll provide you a table of required light output and time required to disinfect against common pathogens.  So long as the meter’s reading is equal or greater than that required, disinfection is occurring properly.  If this sounds a bit too complicated, send us the readings and we’ll decipher for you.

A less scientific way to tell if the system is working is that occupants should be getting sick less often and feeling better inside your facility!


Why should i Choose Pure uvc over other disinfection systems?

Pure UVC solutions are designed to ensure maximum efficacy, safety, and ease-of-use for a budget-friendly comprehensive daily disinfection solution against airborne and surface level viruses, bacteria, and mold.  Other solutions tend to be not as effective, more time-intensive, and/or less safe than ours.  

We take seriously our duty to provide your facility a dependable shield against Covid-19 and future pathogens, so you can be confident that all of our products and systems are over-engineered and over-tested to ensure you the safest and most efficacious solution on the market.


How much is a system?

In addition to purchasing on a per-product basis, we offer customized facility-wide systems which include engineering design, room-by-room layouts, timetables for proper disinfection, programming, customer & technical support, and more.

Please note that the below standard application material costs are intended solely for budgetary purposes.  Actual system cost will be affected by facility intricacies, client needs, and more.

  • Small Facility (40k Sqft i.e. Elementary School): $55,000.00
  • Medium Facility (100K Sqft i.e. Middle School): $125,000.00
  • Large Facility (150 Sqft i.e. High School): $190,000.00

To receive a budget estimate for your facility, please contact us with a floor-plan or emergency egress plan, facility square footage, and facility type (i.e. offices, school, etc.).


what about bulb replacements? Utility costs?

We are happy to offer a truly future-ready and budget-friendly solution.  Utilizing the most up-to-date technology available, bulbs will not have to be replaced for at least 5.5 years.  Our current generation 4ft bulb replacements cost only $51, and our commitment to providing you the latest and greatest in UVC technology means that future bulb replacements will likely be more affordable and/or longer lasting.

In regards to utility costs, each standard 2×4 recessed fixture consists of (4) 40W lamps coming out to 160W per fixture.  Assuming the fixture is operated for 3 hours daily then at 12.85 cents per kilowatt hour (May 2020’s national average), additional utilities costs per month are only $1.88 per month.

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