Hybrid Whole-Room Disinfecting & Air Purifying Troffer

Pure UVC’s patent-pending Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture provides powerful purification against airborne pathogens in occupied spaces, and rapid 99.99% effective surface-level and airborne whole-room disinfection while spaces are vacant. No other device provides the same flexibility, efficacy, and safety as our one-of-a-kind cutting-edge solution.

High Bay Hybrid UVC Upper Room and Whole Room Disinfection

Designed for spaces with high-ceilings, the first-of-its-kind high bay hybrid UVC disinfection devices provides 300W of upper-air and surface level pathogens from mounting heights of 15-30ft.

650W Portable UVC Disinfection Trolleys

High-powered UVC trolleys are recommended for large spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, ballrooms, and convention halls. Benefits include low cost, minimal staff training, simple operation via pre-programmed controls, easy transportation throughout facilities, and short treatment times.

Intelli-Safe® App-Based Bluetooth Controls

Our proprietary lntelli-Safe® controls are engineered to maximize system flexibility, occupant safety, and treatment effectiveness via the intuitive Pure UVC app (iOS and Android). Intelli-Safe® controllers are embedded into the Pure UVC line of whole-room disinfection fixtures.

UVC Disinfection Technology Overview

Whole Room UVC Disinfection

Up to 99.99% disinfection of exposed surface-level and airborne pathogens in a matter of minutes. Treatment is achieved by irradiating an entire area with UVC light via ceiling-mounted or portable fixtures. Whole Room UVC disinfection should be performed exclusively in non-occupied spaces. Our Intelli-Safe® control systems include high-end occupancy sensors, scheduling functionality, app-based Bluetooth controls, and other features to maximize system safety and flexibility.

UVC Air Purification

Treatment of airborne pathogens for occupied and non-occupied spaces is achieved via installing UVC lighting into existing ductwork and/or applying specially designed air purifier fixtures with built-in air-exchange systems and UVC lighting. System effectiveness is determined by the frequency of air changes in the treatment area and the level of disinfection in each passthrough. Pure UVC’s air purification fixtures provide multiple levels of purification including HEPA filtration and high-powered UVC lighting to not only disinfect airborne pathogens but to also treat against pollutants, VOCs, and odors.

Upper Air Treatment

A safe means of treating occupied and non-occupied spaces via specially designed UVC fixtures that irradiate above a certain height (traditionally 7’ and higher). Due to natural air flow, fans, and HVAC ventilation, the purified air is circulated throughout spaces. Upper air UVC is the proper solution for large spaces with high ceilings that require disinfection against airborne pathogens during times of non-vacancy.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Does your facility have unique requirements?  Pure UVC is equipped to provide customized design services and product development to provide comprehensive UVC disinfection solutions specially tailored for you.