The speech and occupational therapies program at Adlai E. Stevenson Elementary School in Fairfield, NJ sees nearly 60 students per week.  In order to maximize the safety of their students and staff, Fairfield BOE installed hybrid UVC disinfection fixtures in their speech & occupational therapies space.  The room undergoes a rapid 5-minute treatment between periods and offers active air purification while students and staff members occupy the space.  Staff members at Aldai E. Stevenson School are over the moon with this system – watch the below interview with Occupational Therapist, Sonal Patel, to learn how they are benefiting from their Pure UVC system.

Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture:  

Pure UVC’s patent-pending Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture (Model No. PHTUVC2322IS) provides powerful purification against airborne pathogens, VOCs, and other pollutants in occupied spaces, and rapid 99.99% effective surface-level and airborne whole-room disinfection while spaces are vacant.  No other device provides the same flexibility, efficacy, and safety as our one-of-a-kind cutting-edge solution.


Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture – Air Purification:   

The Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture is equipped with a 60CFM low-noise air exchange system.  Contaminated air is filtered via a three-step process to maximize efficacy of treatment.  Air is filtered through a high grade HEPA filter in the intake, disinfected via 254nm UVC light, and outgoing air is filtered through an additional HEPA filter.  One fixture will provide ASHRAE’s recommended 3 air changes per 2400 cubic-foot space.

Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture – Whole Room Disinfection:   

When spaces are unoccupied (i.e. between meetings or after school), the Hybrid UVC Disinfection Fixture is equipped to deploy whole-room treatments.  Up to 99.99% of exposed surface-level and airborne pathogens are disinfected in a matter of minutes.  Fixtures are equipped with our Intelli-Safe® controls to provide high-levels of safety and functionality including treatment scheduling and one-touch on-demand disinfection.

“I think the most important thing is the time. It is only four or five minutes that everything is [disinfected]. We are not waiting to let a surface dry or to wait for someone to spray or if someone is allergic.”

Ms. Sonal Patel
Occupational Therapist

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