The town of Chillicothe, Ohio was in need of a working theatre. As a small tight-knit community 50-miles south of Columbus, the high school’s stage was relied upon for town-wide productions, gatherings, and events. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, the 30-plus year-old system had devolved into a patchwork of unreliable and second-rate technologies.

Understanding the goal of creating a state-of-the-art system that the whole community could enjoy, Puretek maximized cost savings by reusing components of the existing infrastructure to stretch the limited budget onto high-end stage lighting and simple, intuitive controls. From the old, a beautiful, flexible, and modern system was implemented for the benefit of the residents of Chillicothe.

Chillicothe, OH

Autumn ’22


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  1. The existing 30+ year-old system infrastructure was badly outdated and mostly nonfunctional. Low-quality fixtures purchased from Amazon.comand undependable wireless transceivers were implemented as temporary solutions.
  2. In addition to student performances, the high school stage is the premiere stage for the town of Chillicothe’s community theater productions, town gatherings, and other special events. As such, a high-quality PAC-level system was desired.
  3. Chillicothe City High School had a very limited budget designated for the upgrade.

The Solution:

 Puretek maximized Chillicothe High School’s budget by reusing as much of the functional existing infrastructure as possible. Upgrading to LED stage fixtures allowed for limited upgrading of power distribution, and existing wireless transceivers were upgraded with industry-standard dependable substitutes as to reduce the labor costs. These savings allowed for the implementation of high a quantity of quality LED stage lighting fixtures.

To ensure a Performing Arts Center stage lighting system, a variety of fixtures were specified to provide proper wash and high-end effects. General stage lighting was outfitted with RGBW LED Fresnels and spots with functionality including auto-zoom. Spectacular effects were provided via moving washes and spots with built-in GOBO’s.

The entire stage lighting system is controlled via a Chamsys Quick-Q console which provides simple-to-learn intuitive controls. This empowers a variety of operators including students, staff, and guests the flexibility to produce dazzling shows and events.


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