Automated Restroom Disinfection System

Restrooms harbor potentially harmful bacteria and viruses and can serve as a nexus for the spread of illness in high-traffic facilities.  Pure UVC’s automated between-use UVC system provides rapid and efficient disinfection of exposed airborne and surface-level pathogens for restrooms.

Restrooms are outfitted with UVC light fixtures linked by our Intelli-Safe Bluetooth-based controls to automatically activate treatments between uses while restrooms are unoccupied.   Learn more about the features of this system below.

Designed for commercial individual and multi-gang restrooms in facilities including, but not limited to, schools, offices, restaurants, retail stores, hospitality, factories, and more.

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System Overview

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The Pure UVC Automated Restroom Disinfection System uses our Intelli-Safe Bluetooth-based lighting controls to provide automated disinfection between restroom uses to reduce the spread of potentially harmful pathogens.

UVC lights are installed to provide maximum coverage of air and surfaces.  While the restroom is in use, in-fixture occupancy detectors keep the UVC lights off.  When five minutes of vacancy is detected for the UVC lights activate for five-minute treatments.  If someone walks into the restroom during treatment, the UVC lights will turn off and reactivate after the restroom is cleared out.

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System Features:

  • Simple-to-install devices require no additional control wiring
  • Future-Ready: Simple re-programming of treatment and between-use deactivation times
  • Optional On-Demand and Scheduled Disinfection via the Pure UVC app (iOS and Android)



  • (1) Pure UVC Fixture per (2) restroom gangs
  • (1) Stand-Alone Bluetooth Sensor/Transmitter per restroom
  • Full Submittals Including Installation Location Layouts
  • Video and Written Programming and Operation Instructions
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 5 Year Warranty on Fixtures

Technology Overview

Restrooms are outfitted with (1) Pure UVC whole-room fixture per 2-gangs and (1) standalone Intelli-Safe sensor.


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Scientific Validation

Review importance of restroom disinfection here:

  • Types of pathogens common in restrooms
  • UVC efficacy against pathogens
  • List of Benefits (with citations)


Future-Ready: Default settings



List of Sources & Citations:



Can I change the treatment time or the between-use delay time?
Yes, system adjustments are easy and quick to make.  Video and written instructions are provided with systems.

Why is the system set for 5-minute treatment times and 5-minute between-use delay times?
5-minute treatment times provide the 5mJ/cm2 treatments required to disinfect 99% of exposed SARS-CoV-2 viruses while extending the lifespan.  5-minute between-use delay times provide ample safety redundancies to reduce risk of accidental activation. Update



  • Printable One-Pager (Idea: Simple resource to print and provide higher-ups)
  • Commissioning Video
  • Fixture Placement Instructions

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