It is our honor for our Hybrid UVC Troffer to be featured in the ‘s UV Solutions 2021 Q1 magazine.  

About the Pure UVC PHTUVC2322IS  -Hybrid UVC Troffer

Patent-pending hybrid UVC air and surface technology provides safe and highly effective automated anti-pathogen disinfection. UVC air purifier provides quiet air cleaning during occupancy while whole room UVC lighting provides comprehensive airborne and surface-level treatments during periods of vacancy.

Our unique UVC spectrum lights provide 99% or higher germicidal, anti-viral, and sporicidal disinfection when utilized in accordance with recommended dosage treatments. The PHTUVC2322IS UVC fixture is equipped with Bluetooth Intelli-Safe controls which feature multiple safety features to ensure non-occupancy based operation for whole-room disinfection treatment.

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About UV Solutions Magazine

UV Solutions is the official publication of The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and is read by engineers, manufacturers, academics, government officials and policymakers who are concerned with the use of ultraviolet technology. Readership is worldwide, and membership in IUVA is global as well.

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