“We decided to upgrade our lighting from the incandescent and fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Not only for the energy savings but also to give our firehouse a cleaner look. We rent our hall space for wedding parties, birthday parties, and things like that, so we wanted to give our firehouse a cleaner look…We are self-installing these ourselves. They are simple to do, very easy. If anybody has ever done a light fixture in your own home, it’s that simple…Working with [Pure Lighting] has been absolutely wonderful. They know everything you can imagine about lighting and did everything for us. They came in, analyzed the whole firehouse, knew what was needed and in what room. They handled all the paperwork for the rebates. It’s been wonderful from step one to the end.”

– Frank LoPorto,
Chief, 26 Year Volunteer Fireman


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“Changing the lights and changing the position of lights made a big difference. It’s like night and day in here…Safety wise, it’s important for the guys coming in here. Because before that, you really couldn’t see. It was hard to navigate in the dead of night when you came here half asleep. You were just kind of grabbing based on remembrance so the new lights and especially the night lights made a big difference.”

– Ed Alrich,
Chief, Building Chairman


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“[The Pure Lighting Team] was really good. They handled everything excellently. Whenever we had a problem, they handled it…[Our crew and guests] love the new lighting. We rent the space and we’ve gotten comments about how much nicer it looks, and how the lighting is really nice. The experience and comments have been really positive.”

– Dave Struble
Ex-Chief, 45 Year Volunteer Fireman


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