Seth Boyden Elementary School Theater Upgrade

The South Orange-Maplewood School District sought an affordable solution to upgrade the theater facilities at Seth Boyden Elementary School (SBES) in Maplewood, NJ. PureTek Group delivered a comprehensive overhaul, addressing lighting, electrical labor (with Sal Electric), rigging (with Northeast Stage), and audio-visual integration (with Keyboard Consultants). In addition to upgrading the technology system, PureTek’s commitment extended to a 5-year training and maintenance plan, ensuring staff proficiency and system longevity. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with the final result, meeting their desire for a modernized, efficient, and cost-effective theater facility.

Maplewood, NJ

Winter ’24


Keyboard Consultants
Northeast Stage 
SAL Electric


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PureTek Engineering: Using Drones to Access the Inaccessible


I'm excited to be able to set up some presets for my school concerts, for my rehearsals, and the students are super excited to have different kinds of lighting for different events.

Jasmine Bloch, Instrumental Music Teacher


I really enjoyed today's training. I'm very pleasantly surprised at the incredible upgrade that we saw with our new equipment, which is fantastic.

Leah Van Doornik, Music Teacher


Our old system got gutted because it was bad, but we got a brand new system. Honestly, the best thing I've seen in this whole entire school district.

Claudio Da Silva, A/V Technician 


Project Solutions

Lighting System

The lighting upgrade at Seth Boyden Elementary School (SBES) ushered in a new era of illumination, integrating cutting-edge LED technology and comprehensive control infrastructure. This encompassed the installation of a user-friendly 1-universe/512 channel lighting control console with an integrated touch screen as well as a standalone lighting touchpanel preloaded with common application presets. The system included 14 RGBW LED Pars and 8 RGBW 250w Ellipsoidals, providing versatile and dynamic lighting options for various performances. Additionally, 4 LED Work Lights and 150 A19/A21 LED dimmable lamps were incorporated, enhancing both backstage and house lighting. Safety and continuity were ensured through features like automatic restoration and illumination of house and backstage lighting via a 500W Central Lighting Inverter Emergency Bypass, UL1008 listed branch circuit emergency lighting control devices, and an Emergency backup ballast. Training sessions for lighting console operation, programming, commissioning, and testing were conducted, empowering staff with the skills needed to leverage the system effectively.

Audio-Visual Integration

The collaboration with Keyboard Consultants resulted in a seamless audio-visual integration, enhancing the SBES auditorium’s multimedia capabilities. A new audio and visual projection system was implemented, featuring state-of-the-art components such as projectors, projection screens, speakers, and a microphone package. An audio console provided centralized control, while integrated audio-visual controls via touchpanel simplified operation, ensuring a superior audio-visual experience for performances and presentations alike.

Labor and Rigging

Partnering with industry experts, PureTek Group ensured the highest standards of electrical labor and rigging for the SBES theater upgrade. Sal Electric conducted NEC-code compliant electrical labor, encompassing the installation of theatrical infrastructure, controls, and stage lighting equipment. This included new low and line voltage wiring, terminations, and mountings to meet professional standards. Northeast Stage provided ETCP Certified Rigging services, replacing outdated systems with safety-focused rigging solutions. The scope included the demo and installation of new rigging for various curtains, ensuring compliance with ETCP standards and professional workmanship.


PureTek Group’s commitment extended beyond installation, offering a comprehensive 5-year training and maintenance plan. Annual site visits included staff training sessions, system maintenance, and thorough inspections, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the upgraded theater technology at SBES.

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