Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts Theatre Upgrade

Rosa L. Parks School of Fine & Performing Arts High School (RPHS), under the auspices of Paterson Public Schools, envisioned a theater upgrade that would elevate its status as a premier hub for the arts. Seeking to provide high-end performances and top-tier learning opportunities, Paterson Public Schools sought a comprehensive solution. PureTek Group delivered a transformative overhaul, focusing on cutting-edge technology to create a space conducive to immersive experiences and creative exploration. The end result exceeded expectations, satisfying the client’s desire for a sophisticated upgrade that not only met but surpassed the demands of a school dedicated to fine and performing arts.

Paterson, NJ



Keyboard Consultants
SAL Electric
Northeast Stage 

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Now, the students are able to have a state-of-the-art theater, which is very different than what I walked into 3 years ago. When we were playing with the lights, the colors on the wall, the pictures that go onto the walls, the crystal ball - the kids were amazed! It’s just overwhelming and I am happy. My kids get an experience because they are not just looking at it, they get to go hands on, and they get to work at the theatre the way they are being taught to.

Nicolette A. Thompson, Principal


Project Solutions

Lighting, A/V, and Effects

PureTek Group implemented a Vari-Lite Theatrical Stage Dimming Infrastructure System, complemented by a pro-grade lighting console and intuitive touchscreen control stations. Stage lighting received a significant upgrade with the installation of LED fixtures, including RGBL Manual Zoom LED Spotlights, RGBW Zoom LED Par Lights, LED RGB Cyc Lights, and LED RGBW Wash Movers. House lighting was elevated with a color-changing audience immersion upgrade, featuring RGBW LED Cylindrical lights and LED high output Retrofits. Additionally, fog machines and an LED Disco Ball were added to enhance visual effects. Audio-Visual integration via Keyboard Consultants was achieved with a new projection system, speakers, microphones, and audio console, ensuring a seamless multimedia experience.

Labor, Rigging, and Drapery

PureTek Group provided NEC-Code Compliant Electrical Labor for the installation of theatrical infrastructure and controls, as well as ETCP Certified Rigging services to upgrade the rigging system. The rigging upgrade included the installation of motorized hoists and fixed rigging for curtains and drapery. New drapery and curtains, comprised of inherently flame retardant theater fabric, were also installed to enhance the theater’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.


PureTek Group offered comprehensive programming, commissioning, and basic training for all installed technology, ensuring optimal performance and user proficiency. A five-year training and maintenance program, coupled with a five-day STEAM and Theater Tech Student Seminar, enriched educational opportunities and ensured the long-term sustainability of RPHS’s theater technology infrastructure.

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