The PS24 Elementary School in Paterson, NJ, recently undertook an ambitious project to revamp its Multi-Purpose Room, Drama Room, and Classrooms, focusing primarily on stage and educational lighting. The project, managed by a skilled team of professionals from PureTek Group, Sal Electric, and Northeast Stage, aimed to enhance the learning environment and provide students with a state-of-the-art performance space.


Paterson, New Jersey


Autumn ’23


Northeast Stage

Sal Electric


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1)   The existing lighting infrastructure at PS24 was outdated and inefficient, failing to meet the dynamic needs of modern educational and theatrical settings.

2)   The project required seamless integration of advanced lighting technology while ensuring code compliance and safety, especially in areas frequented by young students.

3)  Ensuring that the new systems were user-friendly for school staff and students, while also offering advanced features for various school activities, was paramount.

The Solution:

The project team delivered a comprehensive lighting overhaul at PS24 Elementary School. The Multi-Purpose Room received a cutting-edge Stage Lighting Package, including LED stage lights, DMX control systems, and advanced emergency lighting integration. This upgrade significantly improved the functionality and safety of the space, allowing for diverse school events and performances.

In the Drama Room, a specialized lighting package with Lehigh controls and an efficient distribution system was installed. The addition of CCT-tuning LED video panels and RGBW LED TV Fresnel lights enhanced the room’s versatility, catering to various dramatic and educational needs.

For general classrooms, the team installed CCT tunable LED panels. These panels not only improve the learning environment but also offer customizable lighting scenes, contributing to a more focused and adaptable educational setting.

Additionally, the project encompassed a comprehensive Drama Room Rigging and Green Screen Package, allowing for creative and immersive learning experiences.

A significant aspect of the project was the inclusion of professional electrical labor. This ensured that all installations were up to NEC code compliance and met high standards of workmanship. The electrical work covered both stage and classroom lighting, ensuring a cohesive and safe upgrade across the school.

Lastly, the project included a 5-Year Maintenance and Training Package. This aspect ensures the longevity and optimal use of the new systems, with annual site visits for maintenance and training, guaranteeing that the school staff can effectively utilize the new technology.

The result of this project is a transformed PS24 Elementary School, where students and staff now benefit from a safer, more functional, and visually dynamic environment. This upgrade not only enhances the learning experience but also elevates the school’s capability to host a variety of events, making it a cornerstone for community engagement.

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