Plainfield HS Esports Arena, Performing Arts Center, and Blackbox Theatre

Looking to provide its students with the best tools available for success in a modern educational framework and to step into a leadership position on STEAM learning on a national scale, Plainfield High School invested in a high-end Esports Arena, Performing Arts Center, and Blackbox Theatre. The revolutionary Esports Arena provides the tools and setting equivalent to the top collegiate and professional spaces, and is linked directly to the 1600-seat performing arts center to create an immersive experience and space ready for state-wide, regional, and national tournaments. Equipped with a 4K IMAX-sized projection system and a comprehensive unRAVL technology system, the performing arts center is equipped to host performances, TED talks, lectures, film festivals, and rentals of all sorts to benefit the students, educators, community, and district via supplemental income sources that do not affect taxpayers. The blackbox theatre provides an intimate setting for college-style lectures as well as an inspirational space for performance practice and nonconventional productions.

Coming Soon: Stay tuned to for a proper exploration of the groundbreaking upgrade at Plainfield High School including a deep dive into the technology and how these new systems are paving the road for Plainfield High School’s mission “to wrap services around all of our students providing each child with the unique tools and specific strategies that they need to be successful

Plainfield, NJ

Summer ’24

Theatre, Esports

SAL Electric
DMR Architects
Northeast Stage 







“As we embark on our journey to expand and provide great opportunities and access for our students, we want to ensure that we're beautifying our spaces because they are utilized for academic programming. And our vision is not just to have a great space, but to have the greatest space. And by partnering with PureTek, it really allowed us to embark upon that journey and to set the bar for what could later become a place to create memories for our students and our school community.”

Rashon Hasan, Superintendent