The Playup® Studios at Prudential Center, home of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, needed to upgrade their lighting and rigging technology to improve the quality of their productions while reducing the tripping hazards created from free-standing lighting and cabling strewn across the floor.  Puretek and Northeast Stage installed new pipe-grid rigging, specified and calibrated a pro-grade lighting system, and provided quick-action touch-panel controls to accommodate the needs of live TV.

At the start of the ’22-’23 NHL season, not only are fans enjoying a great on-ice performance by the Devils, but dazzling Pre- and Post-Game shows, player interviews, and high-end reporting as well.

Newark, NJ

Autumn ’22


Northeast Stage


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Project Solutions


1) Between lighting mounted on stands and cabling strewn across floor, the previous system provided significant tripping and electrical hazards in a well-trafficked space.

2) As the broadcasting studio for a professional sports team, all equipment must be pro-grade.

3) Lighting controls must be simple, quick, and flexible to accommodate for various guests and small crew.

The Solution:

Together with our partners at Northeast Stage, Puretek overhauled the Prudential Center/New Jersey Devils PlayUp® TV/Broadcasting Studios to provide two unique modern pro-grade sets.

A pipe grid rigging system was implemented to hang TV/Broadcasting lighting fixtures and distribute power/controls cabling.  In addition to ensuring the floor remains clear of potential hazards, the pipe grid allows flexible positioning for lighting fixtures to properly illuminate subjects while reducing shadows.

A professional lighting package utilizing industry-leading manufacturers including Kino Flo and Chauvet Professional provides proper broadcasting lighting with features including even greenscreen wash, flicker-free & quiet-operating technology, high color-rendering light output, and sensitive color-tuning.  A Lehigh infrastructure provides simplified controls via an intuitive touch-panel with presets assigned for the various on-air talent who typically appear on New Jersey Devils broadcasts.  For the fine-tuned control required of broadcasting professionals, a Strand FLX S24 console is available.

The Puretek team ensured a successful project through comprehensive project management from installer support through system training for the New Jersey Devils’ broadcasting team.

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