Fallsburg High School Theater Upgrade

Fallsburg Central School District sought to revitalize Fallsburg Junior Senior High School’s theater technology, aiming to enhance performance capabilities while aligning with modern standards. PureTek Group delivered a comprehensive solution, encompassing upgraded theatrical infrastructure, stage lighting, moving lights, house lighting, and audio-visual integration. The installation of cutting-edge RGBW Fin Lighting transformed the auditorium ambiance, while moving lights provided dynamic effects, including customizable school logo projections. Fallsburg Junior Senior High School now boasts a state-of-the-art theater equipped with advanced controls, LED fixtures, and an intercom system, enhancing both performances and safety. Delighted with the end result, the client commended PureTek Group’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to exceeding expectations.

Fallsburg, NY

Winter ’24


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An upgrade like this allows our kids to have their senses delighted by the performances and events that will take place in this very room. We are also looking forward to the various concerts and academic ceremonies that will benefit greatly from the upgrades in lighting and audio in this auditorium.

Dr. Ivan Katz, Superintendent


Project Solutions

System Overview

PureTek Group orchestrated a comprehensive upgrade of Fallsburg Junior Senior High School’s (FJSHS) theater technology, bolstering its capabilities while ensuring compliance with modern standards. The project encompassed enhancements in lighting, audio-visual integration, rigging, drapery, and services, delivering an immersive and safe theater experience while fostering educational opportunities.


The upgrade introduced a Vari-Lite Theatrical Stage Dimming Infrastructure System, complete with touchscreen controls and a pro-grade lighting console, ensuring seamless operation and control. Stage lighting was revolutionized with the incorporation of new LED fixtures, ranging from ellipsoidals for precise spot lighting to RGBL Manual Zoom LED Spotlights and RGBW Static Cyclorama lights for dynamic color effects. Moving Lights, including LED RGBW Wash Movers and Moving Head luminaires with custom gobos, added versatility and spectacle to performances. House Lighting was upgraded with high-output PAR38 bulbs and LED vaporproof blue lights, meeting stringent building code requirements while enhancing ambiance.  A new LED aisle lighting system was installed, ensuring safe and illuminated pathways for patrons.


Partnering with Keyboard Consultants, PureTek Group furnished FJSHS with a state-of-the-art audio and visual projection system, featuring a high-lumen projector, wide screen, microphone, and speaker packages, all integrated seamlessly via touchpanel controls. Additionally, a new intercom system was installed to facilitate communication between the control booth and backstage during performances, enhancing coordination and efficiency.

Rigging and Drapery

An ETCP certified rigging upgrade addressed safety concerns, ensuring optimal functionality of the counterweight rigging system. New drapery and curtain packages, including inherently flame retardant theater fabric and a new valence curtain outfitted with custom lettering for FJSHS, added aesthetic appeal and functionality to the theater space, meeting both safety and design requirements.


PureTek Group provided comprehensive programming, commissioning, and basic training for all installed technology, ensuring optimal performance and user proficiency. Additionally, a five-year training and maintenance program, coupled with a five-day STEAM and Theater Tech Student Seminar, enriched educational opportunities and ensured the long-term sustainability of FJSHS’s theater technology infrastructure.

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