Demarest Middle School required an upgrade of its neglected decades-old stage lighting system in order to increase opportunities for student performances & productions while eliminating residual cost of rental equipment.  A simple and budget-friendly stage lighting upgrade designed for elementary and small middle schools was designed and implemented by Puretek.  Features include upgraded lighting fixtures from incandescent to LED, intuitive touchscreen controls with pre-loaded presets to radically simplify system operation, and maximized reuse of existing power distribution infrastructure to reduce labor and materials cost.

Demarest, NJ

Spring ’22


Lehigh Lighting

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Solution Overview

Unused and Outdated

In the Autumn of 2021, if you were to ask a Demarest Middle School student what they thought about their school’s stage, their answer would most likely be, “What stage?”  Due to decades-old outdated equipment, convoluted controls, and lighting fixtures that ran hot enough to, in the words of a staff member, “cook a hot dog,” the stage was relegated to storage.  During the 3 or 4 annual recitals where the stage was used, expensive rental equipment was brought in to completely substitute the existing system.


Modernized, Simplified, and Utilized

Puretek implemented a simple and affordable solution perfect for elementary and small middle schools.  Old incandescent fixtures were replaced with high quality RGBW LED fixtures while as much of the existing infrastructure was retained to keep labor and material costs to a minimum.  Intuitive touchscreen controls with one-touch presets powered by Lehigh Lighting were incorporated to ensure easy usability by staff and guests.

With their new system, the students and staff of Demarest Middle School enjoy regular performances, assemblies, and productions.

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