It was our pleasure working with Allendale Public Schools in New Jersey to implement their Pure UVC restroom and nurse’s office disinfection solutions.  See below to learn more about the systems implemented throughout this school district.

Between-Use Bathroom Disinfection:
Whole-Room UVC fixtures are equipped in each restroom to provide disinfection of surface-level and airborne pathogens between restroom use. Motion sensors built into each fixture will keep fixtures off during occupancy. Five minutes after occupancy, fixtures activate for a 5-minute treatment. Fixtures remain inactive until after next usage of the restroom.

Nurse’s Office On-Demand Treatment:
UVC fixtures are strategically placed throughout the nurse’s office. 5-minute on-demand whole-area or spot-clean disinfection is activated via the Pure UVC app or wall switch. Motion sensors deactivate fixtures upon detection of occupancy.

“We chose to put in [the Pure UVC system] to add that extra protection so that…we were able to sanitize the bathroom and be completely sure that there would be no additional spreading in any of our facilities, giving our custodians the time and attention that they needed to devote to the classrooms and the other common areas in the schools.”

Ms. Maria Engeleit
Business Administrator

Project Photos