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Pure LED provides turnkey lighting solutions from professional design to product sales and from lighting audits to project management.  We provide all our clients the same level of expertise and dedication regardless if they’re a Fortune-500 company or small private daycare.

Pure LED Clients Include:

Turnkey LED Design & Deal

What a difference the light makes!

Lighting is so much more than just illumination.  Like the food we eat, light has complex ingredients that have biological impacts affecting mood, energy, sleep, and even hormone production.  Professionally designed lighting systems with high-quality LED light sources, proper distribution of light, and intelligent controls not only improve the aesthetics of spaces, but enhance the wellbeing of occupants as well.  Additional benefits include energy savings from more efficient technology, maintenance reductions from longer lifespans, easy to retrofit products, and impressive degrees of customization achieved from modern lighting control systems.

At Pure Lighting Company, we assist you throughout your entire commercial/industrial lighting upgrade process from design and product sales through contractor support, warranty processing, and rebate assistance.  Contact us to learn more or to schedule a free lighting assessment.

Rebate Maximization

Our team will source rebates and fill out paperwork so your facility can receive low-to-no cost LED lighting upgrades (where applicable).

Engineered Design

Results are calculated to perfection taking into consideration photometrics, color temperature, light distribution, and more.

Simple Lighting Retrofits

Upgrade your facility’s lighting from fluorescent or early-generation LED to modern solutions simply & affordably via plug-and-play options.

Continuing Education

Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the lighting industry through CEUs approved by the AIA and other agencies.

Rapid Return on Investment

Full project payback often received in under 5 years based on energy savings and reduced maintenance costs due to long lasting LED technology.

Extensive Contractor Network

Draw from our nationwide network of experienced, licensed, and coop-approved contractors ready to provide great services at great rates.

Name-Brand Difference

Enjoy the quality, reliability, and dependable warranties of industry-leading manufacturers at wholesale pricing.

High-Tech Applications

From wireless lighting controls to color-changing LED lighting systems, we provide the latest & greatest in lighting technology.

Lighting Applications

Interior Lighting

Your one-stop-shop for lighting that not only increaseas energy efficiency and lowers maintenance costs, but also improve mood, wellness, performance, and comfort of facility occupants.

Architectural Lighting

Awe-inspiring experiences at the intersection of art & technology.  We provide the design, controls, products, and installer support at budget-friendly prices.

Lighting Controls

LED lighting controls to fulfill the needs of your facility.  Funcitonality includes energy savings, hands-free operation, BMS integration, IOT integrations, circadian lighting, color tuning, and more.

General Interior



Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Industrial

Reliable, long-lasting, and durable lighting to improve brightness, performance, and energy savings for areas with high ceilings and traffic.

Exterior Lighting

We take into consideration general aesthetic, location (i.e. neighbors), and layout to provide solutions that illuminate buildings & walkways, improve security, and make exquisite statements.

Parking, Street, and Path Lighting

Improve safety, visibility, and aesthetics of roadways, parking areas, and pathways via fixtures with automated controls. 

Manufacturing & Warehouse

General Exterior

Parking, Roads and Paths

Indoor Sports Lighting

Improved visibility and performance  for athletes and better experiences for spectatators in gyms, pools, weight rooms, training facilities, rock gyms, and more.


From recreational fields to professional ballparks, LED outdoor sports lighting provides more brightness, reduced glare, longer lifespans, and less maintenance.

Specialty and Emerging Technologies

Lighting for specialty markets such as hazardous locations and emerging technologies such as IoT, LiFi, and others.

Indoor Sports

Outdoor Sports


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